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Congratulations and thank you, 2009 retirees!

Students and teachers alike are anticipating summer break; a few months of time to rest and recharge.  Several staff members, however, are looking forward to more than a few months off; nine are retiring.

Dr. Dennis Carter has served as Ontario School District Superintendent since 2001.  Carter came to Ontario after serving as superintendent in three Washington school districts and one Oregon school district, for a total of 25 years. His budgeting and finance expertise allowed the district to maintain stability through economic downturns and enabled 8C to fund major remodeling projects at May Roberts, Aiken and Ontario High School in the spring of 2008.

Elizabeth Eldredge is retiring after 23 years with Ontario School District and 28 years as an educator.  Eldredge is currently the SIM/CAM testing coordinator for Ontario High School and has done a great job with this important role.  During her career she taught many courses to high school students including Language Arts and Social Studies.

Dora Hall, fourth-grade teacher at May Roberts, has spent her entire career of 31 years as an educator in Ontario School District.  Hall began her career in education as an Instructional Assistant and later earned her teaching degree.

Dennis Hironaka, has worked in Ontario School District throughout his teaching career.  During his 36 years he has taught social studies to eighth- and ninth-grade students and eighth-grade Language Arts.  Most recently Dennis oversaw the Migrant Education program at Ontario Middle School and worked as the OMS testing coordinator.  Dennis has held a prominent role on the OMS Site Council and is a board member of the Associationfor Supervision and Curriculum Development(ASCD).

Leanne Johnston has worked for the district for 18 years as an Instructional Assistant.  She has spent time in various grade levels but currently assists students at Ontario High School.  Johnston is an asset to the education team with her ability to relate to students and meet them at their own levels.

Nancy Laughlin came to the district three years ago and has taught sixth grade during that time.  Laughlin has a long teaching career with a total of 37 years in education.  Laughlin was instrumental in the district

Patricia Mizuta, fifth-grade teacher at Cairo Elementary, is retiring after 37 years in education.  For 28 years she has taught in Ontario School District.  Mizuta has spent time teaching in several Ontario elementary schools and at a variety of grade levels. She enjoys helping students get the most out of their school experience and has been the driving force behind special projects such as the fourth- and fifth-grade annual ski trip and fifth-grade graduation.

Peggy Nielsen has taught in the district for nine years, and has spent 27 years as an educator.  Nielsen has spent the last several years looping second and third grade at May Roberts Elementary. She came out of an earlier retirement to work in Ontario School District.  The district was pleased to have her support and positive commitment when the Reading First initiative began.

Jan Tshida has worked at Ontario High School for 32 years. She has served as the department head for both home economics and the alternative school; served as a sophomore, junior and senior class advisor, and advisor for many clubs.  After earning an administrative license she was hired as Ontario High School Associate Principal.  Her dedication to OHS is evident through her many years of service.