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Rewarding Good Behavior

OMS students and staff recently celebrated positive behavior at an assembly.  A variety of games and activities were held to congratulate kids for making positive choices including, drawings for prizes, relays (both student and teacher) and recognition.  Students earn tickets from OMS Staff when they are "caught" making positive behavioral choices such as opening the doors for others or resolving a conflict with someone in a positive way.  Their tickets go into large buckets, divided by grade level.  The more tickets a student has earned, the more likely the student is to get prizes or have the chance to participate in the activities.

 The seventh-grade class earned the most points in the games held, which earned them the award of crowing a king and queen for the day.  The royalty drew the name of another seventh grade student, Levi Munn.  Levi learned that he would have a boxing match with Principal Erlebach, a video game boxing match that is.  To everyone's enjoyment, Mr. Erlebach entered the gym with the 1962 hit song Duke of Earl  playing in the background. His trainer and bodyguard, Officer Tolman, accompanied him. In the end, though Levi was a fierce competitor, "The Duke of Erle" was victorious.

"Our PBS/PBC day was an overwhelming success," said OMS Associate Principal Kara Powell. "Teachers, students and administrators alike had an absolute blast!  Many students and staff said that, this was, with out a doubt, one of the best PBS
recognition assemblies and parties OMS has ever seen . . .big thanks to our Safe, Respectful and Responsible students who deserve recognition," she added.