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Aiken Elementary Library

Shortly after the school year began, Aiken Elementary opened the door to its new "Leveled Library." No, that isn't a library that's been razed.

Classroom teachers Danielle Chappelle, Maria Clark, Viola White, and Dalyce Knight began the project after hearing a presentation from Scholastic about how to get the most out of limited reading materials. Teachers pool their sets 6 or more books of the same title, and determine the reading level of each title. This, in turn, meant putting sets of books into zippered bags, labeled with the reading level. These teachers joined forces and now have more than 300 titles available for check-out.

"We are finding that the teachers are checking out the sets of books on a regular basis, and are grateful to know that colleagues have contributed and are willing to share books that otherwise were kept in our cupboards," Ms. Knight said. "Besides teachers donating books, Aiken's PTO has given funds to purchase new sets, and some funding is coming from the school."

In addition to this project, several others, including Angelica Corona, Marlene Sutton, Linda Erlebach, and Diana Yano, spent hundreds of hours entering information into the library's new automation system. Erlebach and Yano also helped to re-organize the library, adding to its overall fresh new look. Most importantly, Aiken students now have greater access to reading materials and are enjoying this user-friendly environment.