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Carroll's 4th Grade Work

Students in Lynne Buck's classroom recently wrote "Shape Stories."

Each student receives a shape - an unusual polygon - cut from construction paper by an adult. Then, students use their imagination, turning the shape over and around until deciding what it is.

Students then design a picture around the shape, and flip this paper over to write their story about the shape on the other side.

The Duck

The duck begins as a baby.
Then the baby grows until it is fully 
grown. When the ducks are babies they
start to grow feathers. Some ducks
have orange beaks and some have
black beaks.

The Camel

Camels are cool. One day two 
camels lived in the desert. They were
not happy. One day they walked for
miles. Then they found a green spot.
They were happy.

The Tree

It is windy outside. I don't 
like it when it is windy outside. It
is cold when it is windy outside.
The wind is cold.

The Business Boy

One day there was a boy. His
name is George. George is a weird boy
because he has a phone, glasses, and
a briefcase. The teacher said, "You can't
have those in class." He said, "How 
come?" The teacher said, "It is not
polite." He said, "Okay." She said, 
"Thank you." He said, "Your welcome."

The Dog

Once there was a bush that looked
like a dog. Then one day there was a boy. 
His name was Zack. He saw the bush. 
Then he called his friends. So they came.
He said do you see what I see? They said, yes.
He said do you see a bush that looks like
a dog? They said, yes. Then they went home.