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Alameda/Forces That Affect Flight

What began as a 5th grade physics unit on Newton's Laws of Motion, turned into a study on the forces that affect flight, and a fun morning for all of Alameda.

The classes of Betty Bourcy, Kelsey Zimmerman and Diane Yamasaki made paper airplanes, then styrofoam gliders, and finally Estes rockets.

"We tested how far the paper airplanes and the gliders would fly, adjusting the designs to see if we could get them to go farther," Mrs. Bourcy said.

The students were allowed to purchase their own rockets through Oregon Trail Hobby Shop (formerly Horizon Hobby) for a greatly reduced price. They received three engines with their purchase for three firings. The Alameda student body was invited to watch the rockets launch.  

Students will soon move from the amtosphere to outerspace, planning a Night Sky Party on May 6, where students can visit the Starlab in the school gym, and OHS teacher Rod Stephens will bring his telescope.