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May Roberts Love of Reading

May Roberts Accelerated Elementary School staff went all out for Love of Reading Week, February, 24th-28th. The event even featured KSRV Radio broadcasting from the school.

Teachers Jenny Dayton and Gina Kemble dressed as characters from "Tacky the Penguin," while Larissa Ewing donned the lumberjack attire of Paul Bunyan. Jim Walt was one teacher who dressed up as Dr. Seuss's "The Cat in the Hat."

Parent Center Coordinator Rosa Erlebach also got caught in the spirit of the week, dressing as Nate the Great, while Reading Teacher Mary Judson encouraged students to dress for the following day: "Pajama Day."

Nearly 30 guest readers made appearances throughout the week, including Ontario Mayor LeRoy Cammack, City Councilor John Gaskill, Ontario School District Public Information Director Katherine Collins, and District Personnel Director Carole Kitamura. Additionally, brightly colored bulletin boards highlighted book titles and characters, as well as student-made posters that advertised the many ways reading is fun.