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Wal-Mart Teachers of the Year Award

Representatives from the Ontario Wal-Mart gave the Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year Award to Tina Joyce, Math Intervention Specialist and Juanita Davila, ESL teacher, on Friday, November 21, 2008.   The Wal Mart Teacher of the Year Award recognizes teachers for their outstanding service.  Wal-Mart donated $250 into the teachers' personal classroom supply accounts. OMS received an additional $1,000 for supplies. 

There were over 2,200 entries this year for this award from students and parents.  Joyce and Davila both received over 45 individual entries.

Left to right:  Paul Erlebach, OMS Principal; Benny Coronado, Wal-Mart Management; Bev Ingram, 
Wal-Mart Management; Tina Joyce Teacher of the Year, and Juanita Davila, Teacher of the Year.