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Yesterday's Tomorrows

Students from the fourth grade classes at May Roberts Accelerated Elementary School visited Ontario City Hall Thursday, Sept. 12, as a an introduction to a Smithsonian exhibit coming to the Four Rivers Cultural Center in October called "Yesterday's Tomorrows" that showcases what people living in the early to mid-1900s thought life would be like in the future.

Students of Mary Christensen, Dora Hall and Jenny Dayton were treated to a panel of city officials: Mayor LeRoy Cammack, Councilor John Gaskill, City Manager Scott Trainor, City Planner Gian Paolo Mammone, Police Chief Mike Kee and Fire Chief Randy Simpson. These gentlemen spoke about changes in Ontario and how they thought Ontario would change in 20, 30 or 100 years.

The panel also encouraged students to draw pictures about these changes and things they thought would be seen or used in Ontario when they grew up.

In addition to the panel discussion, students were shown the fire trucks and introduced to Dan the Drug Dog.

"We will be working on our own ideas about what we think our community, homes, transportation, agriculture, and so on will look like in 50 to 100 years," said teacher Mary Christensen. "We really want to thank the city officials for taking time to visit with our students and want to thank Tori Ankrum at the City Hall for organizing such a visit."