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Mrs. Christensen's 4th Grade

Happy Reading! My students are to read at least 15 to 20 minutes every day at home. Our goal is to read at least an hour at home each week! The students that complete their hour of reading bring back their assignment sheet with parent signatures and names of books that are being read. The great thing is to celebrate reading each week as well as get our pictures taken and put up in the hall and on the my webpage as great readers.

Students pose in front of a pioneer wagon to see how really large this mode of travel was.

Students enjoyed the Newfoundland dog on exhibit.

Bruce Warnock

Community member Bruce Warnock is a "Mountain Man enthusiast." His hobby is studying and collecting things from the time of the Western Mountain Man (circa 1803).

Fourth graders study the Oregon Trail and Oregon history and, of course, a large part of that began with the Louisiana Purchase (which gave us all this new territory to discover!)

Mrs. C's class is following Lewis and Clark's expedition, and discussing these mountain men who were some of the first to bring people West. If we were explorers:

  • How do we guess what we will need?

  • How would we decide who to take?

  • How much food, water, etc., would we need?

  • How can we study it BEFORE we've even been there?

  • Who would we need to talk with to help us make good choices?

We'll talk about this in connection with another unit of study in the fourth grade: Planet Earth and our Solar System, as Space is the next frontier these students will explore.

Mr. Asbill's Class

Mr. Asbill's class came to our fourth grade class to teach us about isosceles, scalene, equilateral triangles using a variety of games. It was a great time and what an awesome learning experience for all of us.

Randall Kirby

Randall Kirby came to our class and showed us how to draw his characters from his comic book. He talked about art and how he really enjoyed drawing and telling stories in cartoons. It was great to have Mr. Kirby in our class!