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Alameda Science Fair

Three 4th grades and three 5th grades were involved in the Alameda Science Fair May 9, 2002. The fair gave students experience in using the Scientific Method which will soon be tested for Oregon benchmarks.

Students were judged on their ability to write a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, collect and display the data for their experiment and reach a conclusion on whether they had proven their original hypothesis.They were judged on their research for background information; poster or display; oral presentation and ability to answer the judge's questions; and thoroughness of their journal documenting their science fair project.

Judging the fair were former and current Ontario School District personnel: Elaine Russell, Myron Carpenter, Bob Feasel, Joyce Whittet, Dean Seward and Suzanne Uchida.

Winners earned blue ribbons and two people in each classroom received 2002 Alameda Science Fair neon orange t-shirts designed by 5th grade student Chris Paulsen. these t-shirts were purchased by our Alameda Parent Boosters Club.

The winners were as follows:

Mr. Jay Stoeckl's class: 
Berenise Nunez, Janneatte Ortega, Ruth Garcia..."Believe Your Eyes" 

Mrs. Betty Bourcy's class: 
Chaz Nakamura and Gustavo Morales..."Measuring on the Mercalli Scale for Earthquakes"

Mrs. Nancy Cornett's class: 
John Cuellar and Devin Poston..."A Quantum Puzzle"

Mrs. Vicki Graham's class: 
Chris Ransom...Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Combustion"
Christian Salgado..."Blobber"

Mrs. Donna Garner, Mr. Luke Fritts and Mrs. Diane Yamasaki's classes:
Matt Owens and Chris Paulsen..."The Catapult"
Chrisitina Larson and Tiffany Roberts..."Snowstorm in a Tube"