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Red Ribbon Week at May Roberts

May Roberts Elementary celebrated "Look at Me, I'm Drug Free" during national Red Ribbon Week 2007.  Teacher Teresa Gartung explained,"We annually support Red Ribbon Week here at May Roberts in the hopes of discouraging our students from beginning the use of drugs. If they are prepared to answer 'no', then they can avoid the dangers of drugs so much easier."
The school initiated four dress-up days during the week to help students remember the significance of Red Ribbon Week:

  • Monday: "Drug Free America", students wore red, white and blue.
  • Tuesday: "Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It", students dressed up in costumes to represent what they want to be when they grow up.
  • Wednesday: "Winners Don't Do Drugs", students wore athletic clothing, recognizing that to be healthy you must be drug free.
  • Thursday: "I Pledge to Be Drug Free", students wore all red clothing.

Daily prizes for best costumes were given.  In addition to the activities and dress up opportunities, the school held a competition for the best decorated classroom and door.  They also participated in the Lifeways Recovery Center's poster making contest. 

"It's fun and great opportunity for our teachers and staff to have open discussion about the harmful effects of drugs," added Gartung.