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Math Mentor Honored by Teachers

After retiring from his position of math professor at Albertson College of Idaho, Boyd Henry founded the MASTER (Math And Science Teacher Educational Resources) Center to provide resources and professional development to teachers in rural areas.  Mr. Henry expected his grant to provide two years of services, but the center is now in its 16th year of operation.

Over the years, area teachers have benefited from Mr. Henry's expertise and outreach.  During January and February, twenty Ontario teachers participated in a weekly, after school workshop taught by Mr. Henry at May Roberts Elementary.  The goal was to obtain ideas for utilizing visual aids, drill techniques and problem solving methods.

During the February 14th class session, the participants presented an
abacus-themed cake to Mr. Henry in celebration of his 82nd birthday.

Cheri Clausen, May Roberts Teacher and Area 10 Representative for Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics, presented Mr. Henry with an award and OCTM pin for his distinguished service to mathematics education.  To visit the MASTER Center or to inquire about teaching resources, phone Boyd Henry at (208) 459-5210.