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A Valentine Exchange

Valentine's Day in Kindergarten was very special this year, because they tried something new.  Instead of each student bringing 24 store-bought valentines for their classmates, the students hand-made one valentine for another class member.  "We sent home the materials to make a valentine and families could use these or their own in constructing the valentine,"  said Kindergarten Teacher Jody Greif. 

Each kinder student presented their valentine to the recipient in front of the class, so everyone was able to enjoy the experience.  "It was great to see the creativity of the students and their families, and just like a snowflake, no two valentines were alike.  It was really heartwarming to watch the students present their valentines and they were so excited to give them to each other.  The response was great and families reported how much they enjoyed helping their children create the valentines,"  Mrs. Greif explained.