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Funds Raised for Red Cross

Pioneer's students, parents and staff members raised $1,100.00 for the Hurricane Katrina victims. This is an outstanding amount for the small school, an average of $8.00 per student.

The project started when Pioneer's fifth grade class wanted to help the victims of the hurricane. They decided to ask for donations from the students, parents and staff members at Pioneer and named the fund-raiser "Mission Katrina". Each grade level had a contest to see which could raise the most money. The fifth grade class agreed to collect weekly donations each Friday, count it, chart it, and figure percentages.

The fourth grade and fifth grade class were neck and neck and the fourth grade nearly won when they held a successful ice cream sale. But, the fifth grade prevailed in the end after a large donation from a supportive parent. The students, families and staff were all very generous, "It was a smash," said Pioneer Secretary, Jayme Rhodes. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.