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Edible Color Theory

All OHS art students celebrated St. Valentine's Day with frosted cookies, but not all of them were pretty pink. Teams of students got 12 cookies, 3 containers of frosting in the primary colors and instructions to create a color-wheel, a value scale or an intensity scale.

Value scales were made by mixing a primary color with white frosting to make tints and black frosting to make shades. Intensity scales were the most challenging. Students took two colors opposite on the color wheel, like red and green, and gradually combined them to make low intensity (or ugly) colors. After the teams were done they got to eat their creations. This project was a


Ontario Middle School had an amazing Help Them to Hope campaign this year.  Home room classes competed to see which could bring in the most food items.  The top three were: third place, Mr. Davila's class with 1,049 items; second place, Mr. Alexander's class with 1,588 items; and first place, Mr. Knapp's class with 2,118 items. For winning first place, Mr. Knapp let students color his hair.  

In all, the school donated 7,537 items to Help Them to Hope.  "It was so incredibly amazing to watch our student council members loading the pickups with all of this food!  Help Them to Hope had to go back and get another pickup because we had so much to give this year," said Student Council Advisor Mary Christensen.  One long time Help Them to Hope organizer told the school that this was the biggest OMS campaign he had ever seen.