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4th Grade Students Portray Presidents

In honor of President's Day, the fourth grade classroom of Kelsey Zimmerman studied U.S. Presidents for two weeks. Each student was assigned a past president and did a research report on him. They researched in books from the library and also on the Internet. The students were required to find out about the president's childhood, education, family, interesting facts, and political life as president.

As a culminating activity, each student had to give a report on his or her president. There was a little twist however; each had to be the president while giving his or her presentation. The students were encouraged to dress up as the man they were portraying. They did this with a great deal of enthusiasm with Franklin Delano Roosevelt even attending in his wheel chair!

We found out a lot about our nation's history through this activity, as well as interesting information on the men who have led this nation the past 216 years," Mrs. Zimmerman said. "Our class worked very hard on this project, learning to research information, give a speech, and even doing some art activties with the president as well."