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2004 Potato Olympics

Living next door to Idaho, the great potato state, some students have wondered which potato was the fastest, the strongest, or the most agile in water. Mrs. Zimmerman's, Mr. Olsen's, and Ms. Swan's inquiring 4th grade classes at Alameda didn't want to wonder any longer! They held a "Potato Olympics" Sept. 3.

In the spirit of the recent Olympics, each student was from a different potato country: Russet, Shepody, Norchip, Kennebeck, and Lasoda. The countries competed for gold, silver, and bronze medals. There were five different events at the Potato Olympics: diving, 2-meter dash, 4-meter dash, long jump, and discus.

"Our potato athletes were very exhausted after a long hour of diving, running, jumping, and getting tossed!" Mrs. Zimmerman reported, noting that Kennebeck and Lasota tied with the most medals for their country. Congratulations potatoes and potato trainers!