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Coins for Cleanup

The Student Council at May Roberts Elementary spearheaded a "Coins for Cleanup" fund-raising effort. Money raised in the one-week project would be sent to Bangkok, Thailand to help the youngest tsunami victims in that area.

"I have been amazed to see how the students are excited to be helping someone else this way," said Student Council Advisor Teresa Gartung. "Council members have been researching ways to help out since the disaster occurred."

Council members met with Mrs. Gartung at the week's end to bag up the coins (and a few bills) to bag up the coins and take them to the bank to be transferred into a cashier's check . The school thanks Washington Mutual for helping with this.

"What an awesome group of students to work with," Mrs. Gartung added. "They even composed a letter to the Prime Minister of Thailand to explain who we are and why we wanted to help. We're so proud of them."