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Geometry All Around Us

Third grade students in Alex Lopez's class were studying geometry in math, including flat and 3-D shapes. Mr. Lopez assigned the students to build something that included the following shapes:

  • cylinders
  • spheres
  • pyramids
  • circles
  • squares
  • rectangular prisms

Students were encouraged to use their imagination to come up with their own creation. Another goal of the project was to involve parents as much as possible in helping their children gather the material and put the project together.

"The assignment was a family project," Mr. Lopez said, "with students instructed to utilize everyday things found at home such as cereal boxes, water bottles, toilet paper rolls, straws, toothpicks, etc. to come up with their creation."

The result was both an artistic as well as mathematical endeavor, but it didn't stop there!   

The project also included an oral presentation in which students had to tell the class the names of the shapes, the material they used as well as the process of putting their project together with their family.

"To wrap up this unit students, will write about their project and what they learned," Mr. Lopez explained. "That written assigment will be used as the student's final writing sample."