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May Roberts Makes Learning Fun

The Math Cadre at May Roberts has created a math problem solving board for the staff. There is a problem for each grade level. Teachers may read the problem to their class when they pass by it sometime. There are slips of paper in a box that the students can put their answers on and place in the folder. Students who get the right answer earn prizes. The board changes every other week. There also will be problem-solving papers posted for the problem solver of the week for each grade level, with a student sample placed on the board.

"We are trying to get students excited and interested in math and problem solving," said Tina Joyce, the math coach at May Roberts.

"We are very fortunate to have Tina Joyce as our math coach this year," said Associate Principal Melissa Williams. "She's making sure our math curriculum is aligned through Grades K-5."

Students in Mickey Newton's second grade classroom have been working on tallies and graphing. On their hallway bulletin board, the students maintain a daily graph on foods. Students who pass by mark their choices.

"We've had 'Favorite Ice Cream,' 'Favorite Dessert,' and 'Favorite Main Dish' as well as others," Newton said.