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Red Ribbon Week at May Roberts

Students at May Roberts Elementary pledged to be Drug-Free during Red Ribbon Week, 2004.

A different theme for each day of the week had students and staff engaged in lots of fun activities. And although there was fun to be had, the main theme - remaining drug free - was always emphasized.

  • Monday was "Put a Cap on Drugs" with students wearing hats.
  • Tuesday was "Reach for the Stars" with students dressing in clothes they might wear in their future careers because they'll remain drug-free.
  • Wednesday was "Drugs and I Don't Match" with students wearing mismatched outfits and crazy socks.
  • Thursday was "Hands Off Drugs" with Grades 3-5 wearing gloves and creating a pledge wall; and "Hugs, Not Drugs" with Grades K-2 wear red and bringing their favorite stuffed animal/toy to hug. The day concluded with a Drug Prevention Assembly with Officer George Tolman form the Ontario Police Department.

Way to go, May Roberts!