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Polar Express Literature Quilt

Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg, is out in the movie theaters this winter, but it is a classical favorite for teachers and students to read every year at this time. The story is about how a boy's belief in Santa Clause helps him get a spot on the Polar Express, a magical train to the North Pole. While he's there, the boy received the first gift of Christmas from Santa - a silver bell that can be heard only by those who believe.

In response to the book, Kelsey Zimmerman's fourth grade class created a literature quilt, using one-inch squares and triangles to make the trees. Students then cut out a train and wrote their literature responses behind it. The classmates then put their pictures and a bell on the train.

Students responded to this statement: "If I could have the first gift of Christmas, I would want ...
  • to meet an elf." (Katie)
  • for my mom to have the best Christmas." (Samantha)
  • three different Nintendo's." (Oscar)
  • the book The Polar Express". (Dax)
  • Rudolf's nose." (Eduardo)
  • a motorcycle." (Ryan)
  • a puppy." (Delaney)
  • a picture of an elf." (Marilyn)
  • a million dollars." (Riley)
  • a toy hummer." (Jessica)
  • shirts and jeans." (Angelica)
  • a bell from Santa's sleigh." (Zack)
  • to meet Santa." (David)
  • a bumber car." (Gildardo)
  • a billion dollars." (Eric)
  • clothes." (Adela)