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Teachers Use Valentine's Day to Teach

Like other children, students in Kimberly Hill's and Keesha Blaylock's classes at Aiken Elementary just wanted to have fun on Valentine's Day. So, like other great second grade teachers, these instructors decided the children could work on several concepts in the curriculum while they were having a great time. They just wouldn't realize all the learning that was taking place!

Each student was given a $1 bill in pretend currency. With this, he or she could purchase a variety of supplies to make a special valentine or two. A jumbo-sized sheet of red paper cost 30 cents, while a large doily heart was 15 cents. The going price for a fancy sticker was 10 cents. Foam hearts were a nickel and for a penny, students could buy a button, sequin, or candy heart. Other items - including red glitter - were available as well.

The assignment began with some estimation and planning skills. Students were asked to design what their valentine would look like. What supplies would they need and how much would each of these supplies cost? What would be the total cost? How much change could a student expect to get back?

Each student had already decorated a white lunch sack with his or her name on it so all could distribute a valentine to each classmate. The teachers saw a learning opportunity, asking students to put the bags in alphabetical order in the windows.

This creative classes not only came up with a bunch of beautiful cards and decorations on St. Valentine's Day, they also learned a great deal!