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Students Study Water Treatment

On Sept. 15, the Ontario Water Treatment Plant was overrun with third and fourth graders from Pioneer Elementary School. The third graders were working on a water unit and the trip to the Water Treatment Plant helped them to better understand the process of how water travels from the Snake River to their faucets.

Pioneer's third grade students have been using FOSS (Full Option Science System) kits which are designed with the Oregon State Standards. During this unit of study, students enjoyed exploring water and making observations about water. They found it very interesting to see how water is transformed from the murky Snake River to the clear, fresh water they drink everyday.

Giving the students a guided tour were Frank Points and Art Allen, who were willing to answer any and all questions. After the exciting tour, the students enjoyed lunch at Beck-Kiwanis Park. The group later arrived safe and sound back at Pioneer Elementary with each student knowing many interesting facts about the Water Treatment Plant.

The third and fourth graders would like to give a "special thanks" to Mr. Points and Mr. Allen for the tour. Also a big "thanks" to June Toll for driving the bus, and to our volunteer chaperones: Mr. Carrington, Mrs. Chudleigh, Mr. Eldredge, Mrs. Ellis, Mr. Saldivar and Mrs. Williams.