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Alameda's Schoolwide Read-in

Alameda students and staff celebrated Dr. Seuss's 100th birthday with a 'schoolwide read-in.' Throughout the day, students could be found reading, reading, reading. To be more comfortable, students were invited to wear their pajamas and bring their favorite blanket, pillow and teddy bear.

If students weren't reading to themselves, someone was reading to them. Nearly a dozen guest readers visited classrooms to read to students.

Guest readers included:

  • Kathy Daly from the Ontario Recreation Department

  • Associate Principal Melissa Williams

  • Retired District Principal John McDonough

  • Ontario Police Chief Mike Kee

  • Ontario Police Capt. Mark Alexander

  • Ontario Police Sgt. Glen Kee

  • Ontario Police Officer George Tolman

  • Emergency Medical Technician Tim Rines

  • District Administrator Katherine Collins