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7th Grade Science Class

Students in Zachary Knapp's 7th grade life science classes have been studying different types of animals including "mollusks." The unit culminated in a science fair held in the Ontario Middle School cafeteria Feb. 29.

"Beyond the information about mollusks, students learned many other skills with this project," Mr. Knapp said. Among these:

  • Researching
  • Keyboarding
  • PowerPoint
  • Art  (A number of students made models and drew diagrams based on their research.)

"Other lessons learned from this project are important, but aren't found on any curriculum map," Mr. Knapp said, explaining:

  • Many students worked in groups (teamwork).
  • The assignment was drawn out over time (time management).
  • With both of the above, students learned a thing or two about making choices.

"With this project, I told students they could give presentations without having to speak," Mr. Knapp said. "They did a great job, but I know they would have never worked as hard as they did if they were preparing for a formal speech on the exact same topic."