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2nd Grade Holiday Project

Throughout November and December, students in Anette Carroll's second grade classroom studied expository ("how-to") reading and writing. To make a connection to "real life," students studied recipes. Their final projects included creating their own class book of holiday meal recipes which was published and given as a Christmas gift to their families.

Using recipes, students made caramel apples, pumpkin pie, and finally gingerbread. Students worked in small groups to read and follow the directions for these recipes.

"Students found things that were common on all recipes, such as at title, list of ingredients, directions, cooking time and temperature," Mrs. Carroll said. "We also tied our math skills into this project, using liquid and solid measurements and fractions."

Additionally, students expanded their vocabulary, learning words such as cut, fold, knead, mix, blend, and roll.

The best part of the gingerbread activity: Parent Involvement. Many parents volunteered to help groups of students roll out the dough, cut pieces, and help with decorating. "We had an overwhelming response from our parents with this," Mrs. Carroll said.