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Frogs/Mrs. Robertson's Class

Students in Marliss Robertson's third grade classroom started the school year with a unit on frogs - also bringing toads, lizards and reptiles into the picture.

"We voted to name our frog 'Victor' and in the meantime we have adopted four more amphibians from a former student's family," Mrs. Robertson said. "We now have two fire-bellied toads and two more White's tree frogs."

Students report that one of the creatures is a real communicator! It "barks" all the time, making a noise that actually sound like a dog's bark.

Through this unit, third grade students at Cairo have;

  • learned to recognize the diagram a life cycle,
  • done comparisons of habitats,
  • experienced different types of literature including poetry song, fiction, and non-fiction,
  • built grade-level vocabulary into science and reading,
  • used logic and probability in their math studies,
  • built an awareness of art masterpieces and different forms of art expression,
  • and covered other third grade benchmark standards as well.