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Murakami Produce Tour

May Roberts Fourth Grade students took a tour of Murakami Produce recently, to see where onions go after they are harvested. Murakami's Mr. Paul Hopper presented notepads and onions to the students.

Following the plant tour, students returned to class to try their hand at some math problems using information they had learned: 1 bag equals 50 lbs., and there are 50 bags in a bundle. If 18 bundles fit in a semi-truck, how many pounds of onions fit in the semi-truck?

Thank you Murakami Produce! You are very good to our district and the community!

Kid Quotes:

  • Cassandra: "I liked when we went upstairs and got see how they sorted the onions."
  • Stephanie: "I liked the purple onions because purple is my favorite color."
  • Michael: "I liked to see how the machines worked."