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Mrs. Newton's Insect Collection

Students in Mickey Newton's second grade classroom spent a few weeks studying bugs. They learned the differences between bugs, spiders and insects, and then honed their computer skills, using the Internet to select an insect they wanted to learn more about. Students did further research, writing an initial insect report that later became a story for their speech.

To complete his or her board presentation, each student had to select pictures for the insect from a computer program and draw the insect in its habitat.

Students also were given an Insect Collection assignment. They had to collect no fewer than five different insects, catching them, freezing them and then bringing them to school. Students could earn more points if they could collect more insects, label the insects, and display them in some form that would show their habitat (as seen in the photo on this page.)

"The greatest thing about our project was the family involvement," said Mrs. Newton. "Some made it an outing to the state park, or go camping to capture insects. We had parents, grandparents and siblings all helping collect our insects. Many parents looked up information with their children. It was great!"

Ultimately, the Insect Collection Project found students learning about classification, the life cycle, migration and habitat (geography), and while doing so, improved their computer, public speaking, writing and reading skills.