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May Roberts Welcomes Guest Readers

May Roberts celebrated Love of Reading Week by inviting some guests from the community to read to students. Being read to always brings on a smile!

Guest readers in one classroom included (from left) Steve Christensen from the BLM, Police Chief Mike Kee, and Distrct Attorney Dan Norris.

After the guests read, students asked these visitors about their occupations. Here's what students learned:

  • The District Attorney has a TV in his office to watch the news.
  • Judge Pat Sullivan enjoys reading. When SHE was a fourth grader, she read the biography section from A-Z!
  • People who work at the Bureau of Land Management use estimation skills in deciding what do do after a fire in the wilderness.
  • Kathy Daly at City Parks and Recreation gets up at 4:30 a.m. to go to work, and the swimming pool looks like glass when no one is there.