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Pen Pals Meet

Since the beginning of the 2003-2004 school year, students in Mr. Skousen's fourth grade class at May Roberts have been corresponding with pen pals who attend Lincoln Elementary in the Caldwell School District. The class from Lincoln visited May Roberts Nov. 5. May Roberts students ate lunch with their pen pals, exchanged pen pal journals, and shared some other activities.

"This has been an excellent teaching and    learning tool, as well as being really fun for the   kids," Jacob Skousen said. "We had a blast conversing with our pen pals. My students really love writing to their pen pals, and reading the letters written by their pen pals."

Mr. Skousen said the exercise has been very good for improved communication. "When my students say, 'What do you think my pen pal meant by that?' or 'Why would they write that?" I tell them, "I don't know. Ask your pen pal if he meant what you thought he did, or if a word is missing. Ask your pen pal for clarification."