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Students Visit the Discovery Center

Students in Alameda's early-morning TAG class took a field trip to the Warhawk Air Museum in Nampa and to the Discovery Center of Idaho in Boise. Diana Henigan, Alameda's TAG instructor, assistant Sharla McClean, and adult volunteers Tim Rines, Kevin Tatlock, and Amy Kee accompanied the students.

At the Warhawk Museum, the Ontario visitors saw airplanes that had flown in World Wars I and II. They also saw a "gyrocopter" that was made by a man who went to high school in nearby Huntington and graduated from Oregon State University with an engineering degree. It was made from bits and pieces of material that he and his Dad found on their farm. A "gyrocopter" is sort of a cross between an airplane and a helicopter! We also saw an airplane that was in the movie "Pearl Harbor." This plane was used in World War II, but has been refurbished and is still able to fly.

A trip to Discovery Center means lunch at Julia Davis Park next door, which is also a lot of fun.

At the Discovery Center, students had a great time trying out all of the exhibits. "It is such a good place to take all ages of students because everyone can find things that interest them," Mrs. Henigan said. "One of the most popular exhibits was the Shadow Box were students can have their pictures taken and it basically outlines them on a large wall that they can immediately see."

Students also enjoyed the Echo Dish or Whisper Wall (You whisper into a dish and someone at the other end of the room can hear you!)