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Puzzling Portraits

Figurative Language

Kelsey Zimmerman's class has been learning how to use figurative language in their writing. These 4th grade students have learned how the following techniques and tools will help them create pictures in the readers' minds:

  • imagery
  • hyperbole
  • personification
  • onomatopoeias
  • idioms
  • simile
  • metaphor.

One of the students' favorite activities are the Puzzling Portraits they created about their classmates," Mrs. Zimmerman said. "This was an activity that helped them practice their similes and metaphors." 

The assignment was to write a paragraph using only used similes and metaphors to describe the physical appearance of a certain classmate. Then, students made a creative potrait based on that description. After this, every portrait was displayed in the room and classmates guessed who was who according to the simile paragraph.

He has hair as course as a dog