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World of Reading at May Roberts

During Love of Reading Week activities at May Roberts, students learned that children in the U.S. aren't the only ones reading. Several guest readers stopped in to share a book that's a favorite in a foreign country, or to read to them in a different language.

"These sessions with multi-language guest reading went really well," said Cheri Clausen, Media Center and TAG Coordinator at May Roberts. "Among our students, parents, and staff, several languages and cultures are represented, including Spanish (Mexican-American), Japanese, Russian, and Finnish. I wanted our students to be aware of the diversity within our community and, especially, within our own school. I also wanted students to understand that some languages are 'universal,' such as music and performance art (mime, etc.)."

Mrs. Clausen added, "It was nice to see our students broaden their horizons and enjoy the cultural richness around them. I hope to make this event a part of our annual reading celebrations."

Students in grades K-5 listened to stories and participated in activities centered around the following languages: Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Estonian, Finnish, and American Sign Language.

Guest readers:

  • Spanish - Rosa Erlebach and Frances Ramirez (Doyal Snyder read the English version of "The Story of Ferdinand" as Mrs. Ramirez read the Spanish version.)
  • Japanese - Diane Yamasaki
  • Russian - Galina Henderson
  • Estonian and Finnish - Katja Asbill
  • Sign Language - Julie Smith