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Tree Lady Visit

May Roberts students enjoy a visit from Katie, The Tree Lady. Students learned many things about trees from her presentation:

  • How to tell the age of a tree

  • The Life Cycle of a tree

  • How to make paper

So, how do you tell how old a tree is?

  • Count the number of rings inside.

What is the life cycle of a tree?

  • Seed - It's protected and has wings
  • Seedling - It's a baby, likes to eat, and leaves begin growing
  • Sapling - It's a teenager, eats a lot, grows fast.
  • Adult - It's full grown, has a crown and seeds.
  • Old Growth - Some limbs are dead, animals use it for shelter
  • Snag - Most of its limbs are dead, animals find shelter in it.
  • Rotting Log - Decomposing stage, insects and animals live in it.
  • The Tree Lady told Kindergarten students the story of "Douglas the Mouse of the Forest." "Douglas, Douglas, what should we do?"
  • Soil - Turns into soil, insects live in it. The life cycle repeats.