We're O Positive.

O Positive is more than a slogan for us.
It's our way of telling a story of the many
successes that are deserving of Ontario's pride.
Are you ready to be a part of our story?


Take this quiz and see what a  
good writer Scott is... 
Written by Scott

1) What time was Sophie snatched?             a) midnight            b) twelve o'clock            c) four o'clock            d) the witching hour

2) What did the BFG collect?  
            a) Pokemon cards 
            b) stones 
            c) dreams 
            d) houses

3) Where did the BFG live?  
            a) in a house in London 
            b) in a cave in Giant Country 
            c) in a hotel in France 
            d) in a mansion in Paris

4) What did the BFG eat and drink in Giant Country?  
            a) ice cream and coca cola 
            b) pizza and pepsi 
            c) snozzcumbers and frobscottle 
            d) hamburgers, fries, and shakes

5) What does BFG stand for?  
            a) big fat grandpa 
            b) big friendly giant 
            c) big fat giant 
            d) big friendly grandma

6) Of whom did the BFG and Sophie ask for help?  
            a) a monk 
            b) a priest 
            c) the Queen of England 
            d) a college student

7) Who did the Queen send with the BFG?  
            a) the general 
            b) the head of the Air Force and the Head of the Army 
            c) an ice cream man 
            d) another giant

8) What happened when the giants were in the hole?  
            a) a rabbit jumped in 
            b) a drunk man fell in 
            c) a bear fell in 
            d) a moose fell in

9) How did they plan to catch the man-eating giants?  
            a) by tying them up 
            b) by putting them in trucks and taking them away 
            c) by taking them in helicopters 
            d) they were just going to kill them

10) What did the Queen do to prevent anyone else from falling into the pit?  
            a) she had her men put a roof over the hole 
            b) she had her men put up a sign that read that it is forbidden to feed 
                the giants 
            c) she had her men put up barbed wire 
            d) she had the head of the Army post men around the hole