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Knight Introduces Joy Cowley

Mrs. Knight introduces her class to author Joy Cowley. 

"A book should love and affirm a child in its content.  Humour is vital.  Children can't be tense about reading if they are laughing.  The story should be exciting and I often put a twist at the end.  I always make sure that 'small' is the winner as children always identify with 'small'.  'Big' never solves 'small's 'problems.  'Small' is strong.  A book should be like a mirror which tells children how brave and beautiful they are." 

"All of my manuscripts are trialled in schools before I send them to publishers.  I do it myself when I can.  I once took four stories into a school and one was as flat as flat -  it got no energy from the kids.  I liked it and sometimes I can salvage part of a story, so I  asked what part was boring.  One boy said 'all of it'- so I threw it out."