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Health Quest! Laws of the Body

Law One: The Body Works Together

The body is made up of many systems that work  together.  Often, when one system of the body is sick, some or all of the other systems don't work as well or must work harder to keep the body healthy.

Study these body systems....

  • The Skeletal (Bone) System
  • The Muscular (Muscles) System
  • The Circulatory (Heart) System
  • The Respiratory (Breathing) System
  • The Nervous (Touch) System
  • The Digestive (Eating/Drinking) System

Law Two...Take Care of the Body, So It Can Take Care of You!

People take care of their cars, or they will not run.  Your body is
just like a machine that needs care!  The body especially needs proper food, lots of sleep, exercise and fresh air.  If it doesn't get these things, it becomes like a junky car that keeps breaking down!  The system that guards the body against diseases caused by germs is called the immune system.  It is like the body's armor--but if there is a "hole" in the armor, it can't protect you!

  • About the Immune System
  • Sometimes the immune system works TOO hard....
  • What Can Happen When The Immune System Works Extra Hard?

Law Three...Garbage In, Garbage Out!

 To keep your body in the best shape possible, you must eat properly.  If you only eat junk food, your body will be tired.  Read on to find out what foods are good for your body.

Foods You Should Eat
Nutrition Cafe

Brainwork:   Go to Paint.  Pretend you are taking a field trip through the body.  Design a postcard you can send from somewhere in the body!