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Remembering the People

Fourth graders in Anabel Ortiz' class at Aiken incorporated learning into their remembrance of those who died in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

Students completed a service project for the kindergarten classes at Aiken, with each student coloring a flag for each kindergartner so these students could wave them at the school's patriotic assembly on Sept. 11, 2002.

Students created designs for white T-shirts, then used red and blue paint for these designs. "We painted a heart to symbolize that we cared for those that died, a star to show our patriotism for our country, our name so people know who we are, and the word "Remember..." so that we always remember the events of 9-11-01," Ortiz said. Students wore these shirts to the community remembrance ceremony at Tiger Stadium later in the day Sept. 11, 2002.