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FFA District Ag. Sales Competition Results

The FFA District Ag Sales Competition took place on November 23, 2010.

The Agricultural Sales Contest, held at the TVCC Agricultural Department, provides social skills practice and allows the competitors to gain persuasive skills and learning experiences throughout the competition.  The competition consists of a written sales test, a persuasive sale that is agriculturally related, and one other sales event that is also know as a practicum.  This contest requires dedication, determination, and prepares the participators for their future careers. 

The Job Interview Contest, held at the Unemployment Office located in Ontario, privileges each contestant with a practice job interview.  This competition contains many of the same characteristics as a real job interview such as a resume, cover letter, and job application.  The interview alone gives all contestants the advantages of experience and practice for their lives beyond high school.

Ontario FFA chapter placed first in the competition of Agricultural Sales, followed by Crane and Nyssa receiving second and third respectively.  The top ten individual placing in order were Kailee Davis (Crane), Jake Captein (Ontario), Jessica Roland (Ontario), Alora Clark (Nyssa), Hayley White (Ontario), Casey Gillette (Ontario), Dallin Widmer (Nyssa), McKenna Wilson (Nyssa), Nick Cheatham (Ontario), and Matt Davis (Crane).

The Job Interview Contest  was divided into two sections: beginning and advanced.  The top six placing individuals for this year