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O Positive is more than a slogan for us.
It's our way of telling a story of the many
successes that are deserving of Ontario's pride.
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February Students of the Month

Students here at Pioneer work very hard to be great in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. It doesn't stop there. They also are learning to be amazing people!

On Friday, February 27th at 2:45 p.m., we will be recognizing three from each grade on exhibiting extraordinary characteristics during our Assembly! Parents, we would love it if you would join us while we award your children for their efforts.

Kindergarten:                                                    First Grade:

Honesty:   Tia Frisby                                           Honesty:   Anna DeSantis

Creativity:   Abby Reed                                       Creativity:   Layne Fleharty

Trustworthy:   Elizabeth Perez-Solis                   Trustworthy:   Anthony Rodriguez

Second Grade:                                                   Third Grade:

Honesty:   Joshua Reed                                      Honesty:   Diana Firo-Perez

Creativity:   Ellie Prentiss                                    Creativity:   DJ Wilson

Trustworthy:   Maricruz Perez-Solis                     Trustworthy:   Natalie Gallardo


Fourth Grade:                                                     Fifth Grade:

Honesty:   Viviana Holling                                    Honesty:   Kyle Cockrell

Creativity:   Emily Eldredge                                  Creativity:   Jared Ball

Trustworthy:   Koda Alvarez                                Trustworthy:   Micah Shepherd