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Migrant Education Program (MEP)

The general purpose of the Migrant Education Program (MEP) is to ensure that migrant children fully benefit from the same free public education provided to other children. To achieve this purpose, the MEP helps State Educational Agencies and local operating agencies address the unique educational needs of migrant children to better enable migrant children to succeed academically.

Ontario School District Migrant I-C Pamphlet, English

Ontario School District Migrant I-C Pamphlet, Espanol

Oregon Migrant Education Service Center (OMESC)

Ontario School District Migrant Education Consultants

Contact Ontario School District's Home School Consultants by phone at (541) 889-5374.

Migrant Education Program

There are 798 students in the Migrant Education Program in Ontario School District - about one-third of our student population.  To be eligible for the Migrant Program, a student must have moved within the past 36 months and from another district. The move had to have been made to find temporary or seasonal agricultural work. 

Our district employs two Migrant Home School Consultants whose job is to find children three years through 21 years of age who qualify for services.   These consultants also work as a liaison between the schools and the home, helping families access services in the community as well.