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Melissa Williams, Director of Instruction & Student Services

Melissa Williams started with Ontario School District in 2003 when she was hired as an Associate Principal at May Roberts and Alameda Elementary Schools. After two years as an Associate Principal she became Principal at Aiken Elementary. In 2007 she joined the District Administration Team as Co-Director of School Improvement.

Mrs. Williams' education and experience focus on special education and reading. She completed a bachelor's degree in psychology and secondary education and a master's degree in special education. She completed the School Administration Program at Portland State University in 2002.
Mrs. Williams is dedicated to showing children and adults that through diligent effort they can achieve at high levels. If you "think you can and work hard, you will get smarter" is her motto.

Mrs. Williams enjoys spending time with her family including husband, OHS Math and Science teacher Rod Williams and their two children, Collier and Nora. Together they enjoy hiking, biking and skiing.

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