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September 30, 2009

Conrad Tester


Mary Duran, Aiken; Rob Christensen, Alameda; Benny Quaid, Cairo; Conrad Tester, Pioneer; Luis Duran, May Roberts; Tina Joyce, OMS; Bret Uptmor, OHS; Sam Lopez, Warehouse; Buckley Plummer, Maintenance; LisaAnn Riddick, District; Duke Clinton, Director of Operations                                        
Doug Kaechele, Maintenance


Scott Brown, SAIF


  • DISTRICT  -  None
  • AIKEN -  None
  • ALAMEDA -  Rob had questions about the accident analysis form.
  • CAIRO -  Benny had questions about the accident/injury form.
  • PIONEER -  Conrad said the light covers are missing. Buckley said they have to be measured and ordered out of Seattle. This could be an issue if the bulbs broke because of glass and mercury. Conrad also reported that the steps to the gym are still crumbling which could lead to tripping and stumbling. Both Duke and Buckley thought this was resolved and told Conrad to resend the work order.
  • MAY ROBERTS -  None
  • OMS -  None
  • OHS -  None
  • MAIN/TRAN -  Buckley passed around a playground inspection form.