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Parent Information Network (P.I.N.)

The Parent Information Network will normally meet on the second Tuesday of each month in the OHS leadership room at 7 p.m. (Please park in the stadium parking lot and enter from the outside door on the east side of the building.) This is a wonderful opportunity to become better informed about issues at OHS and to be a part of the decision-making process affecting the future of our students. 

We will try to keep the meetings to about an hour in length. Please feel free to "come late" or "leave early" if needed to accommodate your schedule. Our informal meetings are a great chance for you to get better acquainted and communicate with other terrific people who probably have many of the same questions and concerns. 

Past years' Parent Information Network (PIN) had input on important issues like the dress code, the co-curricular agreement (drug and alcohol policies), recommending speakers, the grading system, etc.

Is there a topic or subject that you have questions about? Please submit your suggestions to OHS Principal, Bret Uptmor for meeting topics. If you have a speaker in mind, feel free to include their name. Otherwise, an expert on the issue can be located to speak to our group.

If you know OMS parents who are not aware of our meetings, please help to spread the word. It's not too early for parents of middle school children to begin attending Parent Information Network meetings.

Everyone is encouraged to be involved; all interested parents, teachers, taxpayers, students, staff members, etc. Becoming involved is your chance to help shape the future priorities and policies of the halls of OHS. Don't just complain about the problems; help become part of the solution.

Hope to see you soon,

OHS Parent Information Network

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