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Library Automation

A new library automation system not only brings Ontario School District farther along technologically, but benefits both students and staff.
Thanks to a $22,000 Title VI Grant, Ontario's five elementary schools have replaced their card catalog systems with barcodes and scanners, making inventory much easier.

Melissa Link, an OHS graduate and current OSU student, was hired to enter data for each of the elementary libraries this past summer. She entered records for more than 8,500 books at May Roberts' library alone!

The work was tedious and long, but she never complained. Cinda Holderman, library automation project coordinator, understood the enormity of Melissa's job and decided to reward Melissa's careful work with a thank you celebration on Sept. 19. Cake and punch were served and Melissa opened gift baskets from Cinda and each of the elementary librarians and assistants, who equally appreciated Melissa's help.

Approximately 12 volunteers, including parents, staff, and high school students, reported to work at May Roberts' "bar code party" on Sept. 10. The efficiency of the crew was truly amazing. It took them only four hours to place approximately 7,000 bar codes on books. Their quick work has allowed the librarians to move on to the final phase of the project: scanning the new bar codes into the data base.

Alameda Elementary School's library officially re-opened September 30. "Without the help of parent volunteers, we wouldn't have been able to get started," said library assistant Sharla McClean. "Several volunteers came in daily for almost two weeks, giving a few hours each day. And, we had help from OHS leadership students as well."

Each library is well into the process and will soon offer a more efficient process of checking books in and out of the library. Additionally, teachers and students will soon enjoy a more efficient method of browsing for books by title, author, and subject through the computer database.