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Mrs. Carroll's 4th Grade

"Descriptive Writing for the Student's Portfolio of Work."

Mrs. Carroll says she liked the way the student took words like "nice," "brown," and "soft," and found very descriptive adjectives for these otherwise common words.

I am a wonderful fourth grade student. I have long, flowing, strawberry, burnt sienna hair. I have dazzling sepia brown eyes. I love to play tetherball. I am skyscraping high for my age. My cheeks turn red depending on how I feel. My name is Katie. I was given that name because I was named after my aunt. My mom changed it a little bit because my aunt's name is Kathy.

My favorite food is pasta because of it's wet, gooey sauce and the delicious cooked noodles. My favorite color is blue, because I like the way the sky and the sky's shadows look. My favorite animal is a horse. I love to ride them, and they are so fun to be around.

During free time I like to play sports like football, basketball, soccer, and tetherball. They are my favorite. I am interested in art. I love to paint with the colors of the rainbow. My favorite hobby is to collect rocks like crystals, thunder eggs, and just regular rocks. I also love to do art, like painting with bright colors. I like to make things with my hands.

My family is very important to my life. My dad is 50 years old and he has timber wolf gray hair. He wears glasses and has sparkling blue eyes. He is very nice and I love him very much. My dad loves to build houses, benches, stools, and tables. Those are his favorite things to do.

My mom is 28 years old and she wears pretty purple glasses. She has strawberry, sun kissed blond hair, and sapphire blue eyes and I love her a lot. My mom loves to paint my room with spiders, soccer balls, and people. She loves to do yard work with gardens.

My sister is 9 years old. She has sun kissed brown hair and sparkling brown eyes. She has lost 11 teeth. I love her so much I can't tell you. My sister loves to do math like times, sum (adding), and subtracting. Other times she likes to talk on the phone.

I have two pets in my family. One is a dog his name is Gizmo. He has long, handsome black and brown hair. My other pet is a cat and her name is Mrs. Lola. Her hair is black and white and it is like velvet. She loves to play, and I love to play with her. It's a lot of fun.

Good friends are important in my life. My opinion of a good friend is someone who cares for you and looks out for you. Friends like doing things that you like to do. Last but not least, a friend is someone that is nice to you and other people. My friends are nice and kind and their names are Austin, Alma, Chelsea, Jessica, Amanda, and Makayla. We all love to play tetherball and on special occasions we have a blast together.

When I grow up I think I want to be a scientist, because you get to learn about all kinds of stuff like animals, and I just love animals. I think to be good at being a scientist I will have to love taking care of things and love to study.

When I grow up I want to live right here where I am right now, Ontario. It's the best, and it's where I want to stay.

That about wraps up my life so far. I hope you like my story about me, a wonderful fourth grade student.