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March 31, 2010

Conrad Tester


Mary Duran, Aiken; Rob Christensen, Alameda; Benny Quaid, Cairo; Conrad Tester, Pioneer; Luis Duran, May Roberts; Duke Clinton, Director of Operations;  Doug Kaechele, Maintenance; Buckley Plummer, Maintenance;

David Hopper, OHS



  • DISTRICT - None
  • AIKEN  The students like to play in the swells and everyone needs to be reminded to stay out of this area.
  • ALAMEDA Soccer goals are being moved around by unauthorized individuals.  What can we do to stake them down?  Duke asked Buckley to have the maintenance department stake the goals down and the custodian will pull the stakes when the grass is scheduled to be mowed.
  • CAIRO - None
  • PIONEER - None
  • MAY ROBERTS   Teachers have moved the field games away from the playground area.  Suggested a minimum requirement distance from borders or edges of playground areas.  Maintenance is sanding the edges of the playground areas and installing fall protection.  The custodian needs to keep the playground area raked in order to keep the fall protection in force.  Also, the hand sprinkler lines need to have cones put on the risers and a reminder to all staff members to stay away from them.
  • OMS - None
  • OHS - Absent
  • MAIN/TRAN - Please remind the students to watch out for the maintenance vehicles, especially when they see them backing up.

There were 8 student injuries reported between March 31st and April 23, 2010: three at Aiken; one at Alameda; one at May Roberts; and three at OMS.

There were two non-student injuries reported between March 31st and April 23, 2010: one at OMS; and one at the May Roberts.

Through April 23, 2010, 135 student injuries have been reported in the 2009-2010 school year.

Through March 31, 2010, 24 non-student injuries have been reported in the 2009-2010 school year.

Tina gave the presentation on Heat Stress. She handed out an OSHA Fact Sheet about protecting workers from effects of heat and also an information sheet with definitions of the seven different types of heat related problems, their symptoms and the first aid steps required to treat them.  She reminded us that heat related stress problems are hard to spot and if untreated could be fatal.

Buckley has posters for the awareness of Heat Stroke is anyone needs them.  Discussion was given in regards to the heat issue and sports.  Sports need to have required water breaks.  It is a two week process to get use to the heat.  Less than three hour practices would help and always being held in the early morning hours.  OHS and OMS have continuous water for drinking so the issue is just to make sure the coaches are giving them water breaks. Another suggestion was given that we really do need an area of shade for the participants to stand or sit in while they are having their discussions.  Coaches have not had any formal training on heat exhaustion and maybe this would be something to look into for them.

Buckley would like everyone to notify him with an e-mail if possible with dates of scheduled fire drills so that he does not have anyone under the trap door during a fire drill.

Duke stated that a Lock Down practice should be done by every location at least once a year.  The City Of Ontario is setting up a round table meeting to discuss emergency procedures.  Transportation, Maintenance and all the schools will have a representative assigned to attend this meeting.  In preparation be thinking about the primary and secondary location for students to go to for lock downs or fire drills.  Also, bring any questions and scenarios that you can think of for discussion in this meeting.

The next meeting will be April 28, at 1:30 p.m. in the district office board room.  Rob Christensen will do the presentation.