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Alameda Potato Hunt

Alameda's fifth grade students ventured a little further south on Alameda Drive recently and gleaned potatoes from the farms of Jack Hasebe and Roy Hasebe. The students of Diane Yamasaki and Donna Garner were already studying plant processes in their science curriculum, specifically photosynthesis, and were able to get a good look at potatoes up close.

"Students had learned that potatoes store their sugars in the form of starches," Yamasaki said. "And, they learned that farmers cut up potatoes into pieces for planting - each piece must have an eye and will grow into a new potato plant."

Yamasaki said the potatoes also tied into their social studies curriculum during the study of different Indian groups, as the potato was an important staple in the diets of many tribes.

"We'd like to thank Hasebe Farms for letting our students visit this field," Yamasaki said. "The students had a great time and the experience was an educational one."